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Old Snowmass

Old Snowmass

Homes for Sale in Old Snowmass, CO

How would you like to live in a natural paradise, yet one that still offers modern comforts? Where you can ride horses to your heart’s desire and spend a few minutes of breakfast watching a white deer frolic in the nearby woods? In the quiet, verdant hamlet of Old Snowmass, summers are spent hiking trails, climbing mountains, and catching fish. In the winter, the area turns into a snowy wonderland with fantastic skiing, tubing, and snowshoeing.

Solitude is both a prized possession and a popular pastime in this modern Eden just 20 minutes north of Aspen. If you simply want to be alone while basking in the verdant beauty of the surroundings, all you need is to take a few minutes’ walk around your own expansive backyard, or go fly fishing at a river or a creek nearby. You can have the perfect ‘me time’ as you reflect, recover, and even recuperate.

Horses are as much a fixture here as cars – and there’s no better way to visit your next-door neighbor than to gallop away in one.

If all this sounds enticing to you, you might want to check the homes for sale in Old Snowmass.

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Old Snowmass The area and landscape

Old Snowmass, or simply Snowmass, is bounded by the Snowmass Creek Road and the East Sopris Creek Road from the east to the west. North-south, the boundaries are the Snowmass Ski Area and Highway 82.

The most popular destinations closest to the community are the elevated town of Basalt, and the historic Snowmass Village (which is often confused with Old Snowmass). The bustling city of Aspen is a mere 11 miles away, and commuting between this famous ski community and Old Snowmass takes only around 15 to 20 minutes.

The people who make this quick trip for the first time will always remember it. As some of them have described it, journeying from Aspen to check out Old Snowmass real estate is a heartwarming kind of time travel. The transition from the impersonal glass buildings and gridlocked narrow spaces of cosmopolitan Aspen to the endless farmland, bubbling creeks, clean breathable air, and majestic mountains of Old Snowmass always makes for a fascinating experience.

What it is known for

With a population of less than 5,000, Old Snowmass is home to numerous ranches where connecting with nature and living off the land is a way of life.

The town is known for its tranquility and serenity – the top reasons why homes for sale in Old Snowmass are always in demand. Longtime residents of the urban jungle who visit the town are immediately drawn to its simplicity, lack of pretense, and captivating imagery. Ranchers, farmers, and fishermen have made their homes in the town for generations. The idyllic backdrop and the respect for solitude and privacy make it almost a sanctuary especially for those who are tired of city life and its hyper-kinetic lifestyle.

The emphasis on quietude and rustic living does not mean that life in Old Snowmass is dull or boring. The community comes alive in events that are designed to experience in the most respectful way. There are many natural wonders to explore, from the snowy mountains and the deep forests, to the roaring rivers. Given the vastness of these untouched natural wonders, it’s hard to take in all of Old Snowmass in just a few days.

A brief history

Prior to the arrival of the first settlers in the late 19th century, the indigenous Ute tribe built their summer dwellings on the land that was to become Snowmass. They named one of the summits “Cold Woman” in their language, because its perpetual cloudy coverage led to harsh weather. Over the years, the mountain would be renamed “Snow Mass” after the overwhelming amount of snow that fell on it every year.

The first ranchers settled here in the last decade of the 19th century. Over time, their families grew and created homesteads. Raising cattle, horses, and sheep were among the main sources of livelihood, along with planting crops like hay and grains. The climate and the environment were probably instrumental in preserving the lifestyle of the community for a long time. Some newspaper accounts say that horses instead of tractors were still pulling plows here until 1945.

In the 1960s, the Aspen Skiing Corporation started developing land in the nearby Snowmass Village. Official rodeo competitions and Mardis Gras celebrations soon followed. Restaurants and hotels opened to accommodate both interested locals and tourists. The alpine peaks and the resorts that opened here were marketed as the closest thing in the US to the European skiing experience.

Although these activities and establishments were first launched in Snowmass Village, they had an impact on Old Snowmass. By the late 19th century, the small ranching community was also holding its fair share of cross-country skiing and snowshoeing.

The unique balance of winter excitement and summer adventures put Old Snowmass on the radar of adventurers, explorers, and families who wanted something different. As curiosity transformed into genuine interest, homes for sale in Old Snowmass became a top draw for people looking to own farms and ranches, or simply have their own getaway close to nature and far from the crowds.


Old Snowmass

Real estate in Old Snowmass is considered premium property. Land, homes, and estates dot a mountain community that is very near Aspen. Your private backyard consists of acres where you can plant crops, raise cattle, and have your own family rodeo.

Property types

Old Snowmass real estate is composed mainly of three property types: farms and ranches, single-family homes, and multimillion dollar estates. The size of the properties covers a huge range from 550 square feet to over 25,000 square feet.

Homes in Old Snowmass seamlessly blend rustic charm with cutting-edge conveniences. Residents can opt for the simplicity of polished wood cabins with carved stone fireplaces, or elegant mansions that redefine mountain luxury with their opulent interiors enhanced by 21st-century technology.

Acreage properties are the norm, with land areas varying from just over one acre to more than 600 acres. You’ll find developed farms, ranches, and equestrian properties with the needed structures and essentials to start or maintain an operation. There are also plenty of options for undeveloped land that you can transform into an agricultural or recreational property, or use for other purposes.

To know your options and to make sure you are compliant with local zoning laws and other regulations, get in touch with expert Realtors who are highly familiar with Old Snowmass real estate, including complex land and ranch transactions.


Old Snowmass Healthcare

The premium price paid for healthcare in Old Snowmass is matched by its health centers’ reputation for excellent medical service, thorough patient care, and recent technological innovations. Another attractive feature is the customized analysis and attention given to each patient, made more reassuring by an authentic concern that is usually found in smalltown America.

Two of the more popular health care centers that Old Snowmass residents can access include:

  • Aspen Valley Hospital – Considered one of the leading hospitals in Colorado, it consistently wins awards from medical organizations every year
  • Snowmass Medical Care Clinic – This is an outpatient health center experienced in treating emergency cases and sports-related injuries.

With family among the top priorities of Old Snowmass’ small population, the education of their children remains of paramount importance. Their schools almost always make it to the top ranks of Colorado’s educational institutions. They have also gained a reputation for being “elite,” which can refer to a unique curriculum that delivers specialized learning to a small group of highly prized students by very caring teachers.


Snowmass is served by the Aspen School District, which includes some of Colorado’s top rated schools. The nearest schools to Snowmass include:

  • Basalt Elementary School, PK-4
  • Basalt Middle School, 5-8
  • Basalt High School, 9-12
  • Carbondale Community School
  • Aspen Country Day School, grades 6-8
  • Aspen Elementary School, grades K-5
  • Aspen High School, grades 9-12

The Aspen Camp of the Deaf and Hard of Hearing, a 17-acre camp located along the scenic Snowmass Creek, offers specialized training and education to hearing-impaired children. As the only facility of its kind, it has gained worldwide recognition for its programs and advocacy.

Dining and shopping

Dining. Surrounded by nature, Snowmass offers little by way of commercial shopping malls and bazaars. However, one restaurant in the town has gotten its more than fair share of attention. Old Snowmass Market is known for its mouth-watering sandwiches, locally made fresh ice cream, and make-your-own burritos.

For an amazing array of options, you can take a short car ride to Aspen or Snowmass Village where world-class dining awaits.

Here are some of the must-tries:

  • The Artisan, where you can relax and bask in the sights, while sampling farm to table cuisine sourced from local ranches and rivers.
  • The Big Hoss Grill, recommended for those who love traditional American staples from burgers and chicken wings to grilled steak.
  • High Alpine Restaurant, said to be the best of on-mountain dining in Colorado.
  • Venga Venga, an after-skiing restaurant known for its casual atmosphere, Mexican dishes, and 75 kinds of tequila.
Shopping. Downtown Aspen has 200 diverse shops to pick from, ranging from luxury brands to quaint boutique stores with their signature style. The shopping in Snowmass Village is more laidback and casual, and is the best place for all your needed skiing, fishing, or hiking gear.

The top places to go for retail therapy include:

  • Blazing Adventures. This shop sells more than just items, it is also a one-stop-tour guide for things to do in Snowmass. They can arrange tours and activities for you, from biking, hiking, kayaking, and rafting, to sunset dinners.
  • Kemo Sabe. Find a wide array of leather cowboy boots and authentic cowboy hats to choose from, especially if you’ve decided to embrace the ranching lifestyle.
  • Gorsuch Ltd. The European brand seamlessly combines the active sporting lifestyle with elegant designs that are hard to find anywhere else.
  • Local Color/Local Rebels: This charming boutiques offers some of the best in Colorado art and crafts, including hand-etched crystal, jewelry, and pottery.
Outdoor and recreational opportunities

A place like Old Snowmass comes packed with many outdoor opportunities, from quiet fishing to extreme adventures. There is something for everyone, whether you are the rugged sporty type, a nature-loving introvert, or an adrenaline-loving horseback rider.

The most popular outdoor activities in Old Snowmass include:

  • Cycling trips up and down the Rio Grande bike trail
  • Fly fishing in Capitol Lake
  • Golfing and tennis in Snowmass Club
  • Hiking through the Maroon Lake Scenic Trail which offers an eye-popping view of the Maroon Bells, counted among the most photographed North American mountains
  • Horseback riding tours that let you explore the gorgeous landscapes
Social and cultural events

While Old Snowmass is most known for sports and the outdoors, this small town is also a hub of creativity that finds expression in art galleries, handicraft shows, and performance and film festivals. The nearby Aspen and Snowmass Village also widen your artistic options, as ballet, concerts, art exhibits, and creative workshops fill up the calendars of locals and visitors throughout the year.

Experiencing some of these artwork and/or activities can lead to a lifelong creative immersion. Destinations and events that are not to be missed include:

  • The Anderson Ranch Arts Center. A 5-acre cultural center where beginning artists and more seasoned maestros meet and collaborate
  • The Snowmass Art Festival. Visual artists, photographers, sculptors, artisans, and more unveil their latest work in this yearly arts and crafts show.
  • The Wheeler Opera House. Provocative theater, modern guitar shows, and classical opera meet in this iconic Aspen-based stage.


Many have fallen in love with Old Snowmass at first visit and have wanted to stay here forever. If you’re looking to make that transition, I can make the journey as smooth and exciting as it should be. I consider all my clients as partners, and I’m willing to go above and beyond to help you find your dream home in this dreamy Colorado town.

With 20 years of experience in real estate and sales of more than $1 billion, I have the in-depth knowledge and network to help you achieve your real estate goals in Old Snowmass and the rest of Aspen.

Take this adventure with me and be assured of outstanding, elite service that has been honed in my many decades in luxury property.

Call me at 970.948.8834 or drop me a note here to get started.

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