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Even with the emergence of new skiing destinations in Colorado, Aspen remains an iconic location. This popular resort town has fully cemented its reputation over the decades as the playground of the rich and famous. In fact, it is recommended to book in the ski resorts of Aspen, Colorado well ahead of your planned schedule because winter seasons see the area and its snow-covered slopes filled with tourists.

Perched more than 7,900 feet above sea level, this idyllic town in the Rocky Mountains has much more than outstanding skiing to offer. It has come very far from its humble beginnings as a mining town in the 1800s, rising to popularity among the well-heeled in the 1970s when it was first introduced as a skiing town.

Today, Aspen is the place to be, not just during winter but even during summer. Its downtown area is a vibrant spot teeming with luxury lodging, shops, and restaurants. Yet with a population of just over 7,000, this town works hard to maintain a sense of community and preserve the natural beauty of the area while still being very welcoming toward holidaymakers and new residents alike. All this makes living in Aspen, Colorado highly desirable.

Read on to find out what it’s like to live in Aspen and the types of homes available in the market.

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Aspen Home

Given its location, the boundless opportunities for recreation, and its natural beauty, among a great many other reasons, Aspen is the perfect place to settle in and call home. Add to that the fact that, with the rise of remote work, many people are looking to live in places that give them magnificent scenic vistas and a plethora of opportunities to balance business with pleasure. That said, you can expect plenty of competition when it comes to buying Aspen homes for sale.

Buying a home in Aspen, Colorado: What you’re up against

It’s not just the number of interested buyers alone that makes the search for Aspen homes for sale a challenging task. The Aspen housing market is definitely a hot one and you will need to bid aggressively and bid high for sellers to take an interest in your offer. Another factor that makes the process difficult is the low inventory of properties. Aspen has put a cap on new construction and residential development in its bid to keep the community sustainable, so there aren’t very many new properties that you can wait on.

The demand is so fierce that in some cases, homeowners are being persuaded to sell their homes, which provides a tempting prospect because many people are willing to pay way above the average price of Aspen homes for sale (it currently sits at about $12 million). This is a testament to the consistently increasing value of any property in Aspen.

Buying a home in Aspen, Colorado: What to consider

While purchasing a home in Aspen can come with numerous challenges, the process can go much more smoothly when you know what you’re looking for in a property and the neighborhood it’s in. Here are just a few things to consider during your search for Aspen homes for sale:

  1. Due diligence is a must. Make sure to do your research on the communities of Aspen. Once you figure out where the schools are and the proximity of services such as hospitals, grocery stores, and the commercial area, you can zero in on your preferred communities. This, in turn, will help you narrow down your search for a home.

  2. Be flexible with your budget. Sellers won’t give your offer a second look unless you bid high enough to overtake the (likely very many) other offers on their table. If you can’t bid high, then bid smart. There are many other ways to sweeten your offer other than money. You could promise a quick home turnover, buy in cash, or make compromises with certain contingencies, among many other strategies.

  3. Know what you want, but don’t be too strict about it. It’s important to have a list of must-haves and nice-to-haves for your property. A working thermostat is a definite must-have, considering the freezing temps here during winter. A patio, meanwhile, is something you’d like to have in an outdoor space but not necessarily an essential item. Remember that with the Aspen property inventory being scarce, you will need to focus primarily on the absolute essentials on your list. Your nice-to-haves could simply be added to the property later on.

  4. Act quickly. Have you found what looks like your dream home? Good – now, it’s time for you to bid on it. Keep in mind that there are many other motivated buyers like you out there; waiting for a sign whether to buy or not might give them the opportunity to snap up the home you desire from right under your nose.

Getting the advantage with an Aspen, CO Realtor

Your purchase has a high likelihood of pushing through if you are aware of the challenges of going through the home-buying process, as well as the qualities that sellers look for in their buyers. This information and the benefit of being able to expertly navigate the process could well be in your hands when you have an experienced Realtor who specializes in Aspen homes for sale on your side.

Your Aspen Realtor should be one who is knowledgeable about the community, local laws and regulations, emerging neighborhoods, and properties with the strong potential to bring great returns on your investment. Their familiarity with this Colorado municipality will also help equip you with the knowledge you need to make informed decisions in your home-buying endeavor. They could help give you direction on the goals you want to take – whether you want a permanent home, a vacation home, or a property to rent out.


Aspen Home Interior

When one thinks of a mountain home, the image of rustic cabins set against the backdrop of lush forests and dramatic views of mountains and rivers might be the first thing that comes to mind. But Aspen is different; it’s the epitome of luxury mountain living. That’s why you’re bound to find high-end properties decked out in ultra-modern furnishings, yet still located in the same breathtaking setting.

Architectural styles

What’s notable about Aspen homes for sale is that you’ll never find boring, cookie-cutter styles in the market. All are tastefully designed and built with each one possessing its own charm. One of the most popular design styles here is Bauhaus, a no-nonsense minimalist style that has fueled the industrialist aesthetic movement. Typical materials used are industrial staples: steel, glass, and concrete.

Another popular architectural style here is Victorian – an elegant and traditional style typically found among the older homes found in Aspen.

A more familiar style found here that is typically associated with mountain towns and lodges is the chalet. This home design, reminiscent of the lovely cabin-like structures on the Swiss Alps, is perfect for those who would like to have a more traditional mountain living experience.

Ranch properties are also available in Aspen. Situated on several acres of land, you can enjoy the utmost peace and privacy in your own mountain getaway. You could opt for standalone ranch properties, but there are also homes set within private ranch communities that feature exquisite facilities and amenities that give them a luxurious vibe.

Property types and investment considerations

Aspen homes for sale aren’t relegated simply to single-family homes. You will be amazed by the wide selection of property types available here. Condos have recently dominated the Aspen, CO real estate market, followed by single-family homes, vacant lots, townhomes, and some multi-family properties. Most of these are concentrated in Downtown Aspen, putting you close to all of the creature comforts and modern amenities of this municipality without being too far from the slopes and the various modes of transport to get there.

If you’re planning on investing in a vacation rental in Aspen, the strategic location of the homes for sale here is bound to attract tourists, given the easy access to both the slopes and the dining and shopping destinations in the area. However, make sure to familiarize yourself with the local laws and zoning requirements before making that investment as certain areas of Aspen may not be amenable to stays of less than 30 days.



Ask anyone their thoughts about the lifestyle in Aspen, Colorado, and they’re likely to say the same thing: great skiing, gorgeous mountain scenery, millionaires and celebrities galore, and high-end boutiques and restaurants. Moreover, there’s really nothing quite like an Aspen, Colorado Christmas when the entire city looks like something out of a holiday postcard.

However, Aspen is a lot more than a winter escape – it could also be called home! The best part is, its beauty and excitement don’t fade when warmer months come. It’s an incredible paradise, no matter the season, and you have all its wonderful amenities to yourself in between peak tourist seasons.

Local events during warmer months

Just check out what’s in store for you in Aspen when warmer weather rolls around. During summer, you can explore the best local finds, as well as live music, artwork, and jewelry at the Aspen Farmers Market every Saturday from June to October.

You could also enjoy the live evening concert series held at Snowmass Village every Thursday from June to August. Discover new artists, soak in the warmth of the season, and sample the delightful cuisine in the area. This is also a kid-friendly event, with various activities available if your kids are looking for something a little more interactive than listening to music.

Another fun way to spend the summer in Aspen is by taking the Silver Queen Gondola up to Sundeck Restaurant. This mountainside restaurant offers plenty of activities during warmer weather, such as yoga classes and live music, but the gondola ride by itself is already an amazing treat, giving you views of sunny trails and fields decked with wildflowers. Easy hiking trails are also open here to explore.

Outdoor recreation

You can set out even farther and discover all the other outdoor activities to try in Aspen. The trails in and around Aspen could also accommodate cyclists of all skill levels. The Rio Grande Trail, for example, is suitable for those looking for a chill ride while Sky Mountain Park is ideal for those looking for a challenge. The latter covers a loop spanning over 5 miles of sloping terrain, and your efforts will be rewarded by incredible views of Snowmass and Aspen. If you want another perspective of Aspen from an even higher viewpoint, you could go paragliding.

Mobility and schools

Since the city is quite small, it is quite walkable. However, there are also other transport options, especially for those traveling to work in other Colorado locations. Free shuttles are offered to ferry you to local attractions or you could take the Downtowner, a free on-demand ride service offered by the city.

Families with school-age children will benefit from the excellent education offered by schools under Aspen School District. Even the private schools here are recognized throughout the state for their students’ exemplary performance, not just in academics but also in extracurriculars and even community development. For higher education, Colorado Mountain College has a campus in Aspen.

Shopping and dining

Group Toast

The shopping and dining scene in Aspen is also guaranteed to bring you comfort, convenience, and enjoyment. While the downtown area is known for having enough designer shops that could rival any fashion hub, you could still find stores that offer outdoor gear and equipment, as well as gems from understated thrift shops and local retailers.

Aspen is also famous for restaurants such as The White House Tavern and Matsuhisa, both of which are highly favored by celebrities. However, there are other low-key places to explore, including taverns offering Colorado craft beer and newcomers to the Aspen restaurant scene such as Las Montañas. This establishment in Mills Street Plaza is quickly becoming the local go-to spot for Mexican food. Also worth visiting is PARC Aspen, a seasonal restaurant that offers local, sustainable cuisine.


Snowy Mountain Colorado

Just when you thought you already knew everything there is to know about Aspen, this thrilling city in the Rockies still has many other surprises up its sleeve. Find your piece of Aspen to call home and you’ll instantly be making more memories by discovering its many wonderful facets.

In your search for your new home here in Aspen, CO, you only need to trust in the insights, support, and knowledge of a true-blue luxe cowgirl with a knack for luxury real estate in the Roaring Fork Valley – that would be me, Heather Sinclair. Let me be the Realtor who will advocate for your best interests and guide you through the entire home-buying process in Aspen.

Give me a call at 970.948.8834 or send me an email here so we can get started on creating a strategy to help you get the Aspen, Colorado home of your dreams.

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